Villages of the Himalayan valley of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, India

In the mid of March, two girls accompanied by their mother going back home in Komic village to enjoy their after exam holidays in their school in Rangrik village. As the roads are covered with more than four feet of snowfall, the locals take this route from #Kaza to reach #Komic in winter and spring season.

School kids going back home

The spring season if finally here in Spiti. Spiti finally has regular supply of electricity after a month of power failure due to snowfall. The sun is shining b...
Spiti woman watching a public event in the village of Mane Yongma, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India

Photo – Women of Mane Village

After every three years, the village people of Mane village get together for a ceremony that involves three days of prayer that ends with a Cham dance by the mo...
Horses grazing at Gete village in Spiti Valley. © Himanshu Khagta

Horse grazing at Gete Village

Horses grazing at Gete village in Spiti Valley. There are two ways to reach Gete. Either you can walk, cycle or drive from the motor able road from Kibber village, or you can walk up the cliff from Ki Monastery....
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