People of the Himalayan valley of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, India

Portrait of Rinchen standing with a packet of biscuits with dogs lines around him to share some.

Portrait of Rinchin

Portrait of Rinchen standing with a packet of biscuits with dogs lines around him to share some....
Tsering Bodh driving his car in Spiti

Was there a snow leopard nearby?

As we were driving back from the portion cleared off snow on the Langza road in the middle of cold January in the white Maruti Gypsy King, Tsering Bodh suddenly...
In the mid of March, two girls accompanied by their mother going back home in Komic village to enjoy their after exam holidays in their school in Rangrik village. As the roads are covered with more than four feet of snowfall, the locals take this route from #Kaza to reach #Komic in winter and spring season.

School kids going back home

The spring season if finally here in Spiti. Spiti finally has regular supply of electricity after a month of power failure due to snowfall. The sun is shining b...
As it snows heavily, a local Spitian walks through snow to collect water in the month of March

Winter won’t end in March

It's the first week of March and Spiti is without electricity for the past seventeen days. Before that, there was no power for nine days. Hence no frequent post...
A lady helps Sonam Dolma lift a 40lt plastic can from the public hand pump in the cold winters of Spiti. The temperature goes down to -20˚C in the month of January in Kaza village of Spiti

Only source of drinking water in winters

In Kaza, only few public water sources functional, while the others have frozen. The hand pump next to Hotel Snow Lion is one of them. The residents take specia...
Dr. Vikas Rowpa, walking down a slope above Hikkim village in Spiti.

Hiking down to Hikkim village

Dr. Vikas Rowpa, a dentist in Kaza, walking down a slope to reach Hikkim village. Whenever he gets time, Dr. Rowpa loves to spend it exploring the mountains of ...
During the lunch break some people of Langza village rest whiles some work to finish their job of constructing a road to the statue in their village .

Constructing a road in Langza village

Residents of Langza village of Spiti constructing a road to the statue of Buddha in their village. People get daily wages for a fixed set of days in a year. Ev...
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