Life in the Himalayan valley of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, India

A lady helps Sonam Dolma lift a 40lt plastic can from the public hand pump in the cold winters of Spiti. The temperature goes down to -20˚C in the month of January in Kaza village of Spiti

Only source of drinking water in winters

In Kaza, only few public water sources functional, while the others have frozen. The hand pump next to Hotel Snow Lion is one of them. The residents take specia...
Icicles formed on the frozen clothes left outside to dry in Kaza village of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India on 17 Jan, 2014. The temperature is dipping down to -20.3˚C in this small valley in the western Himalayas.

Frozen clothes in Kaza

After washing the clothes in the frozen stream, its time for them to dry. It takes three to four days of clear weather to dry the clothes. After every sunset, t...
Tsering Dolma washing clothes in Kaza. The village people dig a hole through the frozen stream to access the flowing water beneath it to wash clothes in peak winters

Washing clothes in winters

In the month of January, after four spells of snowfall, when few more public water sources have started freezing, washing clothes got a little tricky for the pe...
Tsering Lamho roasting Barley to prepare Tsampa in Kaza village of Spiti

Roasting Barley for Tsampa

Tsering Lamho, roasting barley at her home in Kaza, Spiti to prepare ‘Tsampa’ for the winters. It is prepared by grinding roasted Barley. The people of Spiti us...
A zomo walking though snow in Kaza village of Spiti

10 Pictures – December Snow in Kaza

Merry Christmas everyone! Greetings from Spiti! The temperature in Spiti is already touching -19˚C and it has snowed twice in the month of December. Even in...
A Lady washing clothes after work in an irrigation canal that passes through Kaza village in Spiti

Washing Clothes in an irrigation canal.

A lady washing clothes in the freezing cold water of an irrigation canal, that passes through Kaza village. The water pipes have frozen and people have to wash ...
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