Pictures and posts from Hikkim village of Spiti valley, India

Hot Soup on a frozen Spiti pond

While exploring Spiti through satellite imagery, I found a small high altitude waterbody above Hikkim. I marked it on my watch and hiking up to this lake became...
Dr. Vikas Rowpa, walking down a slope above Hikkim village in Spiti.

Hiking down to Hikkim village

Dr. Vikas Rowpa, a dentist in Kaza, walking down a slope to reach Hikkim village. Whenever he gets time, Dr. Rowpa loves to spend it exploring the mountains of ...
Women from Demul village in Spiti valley, working in their pea farms.

Traditional Farming in Spiti

After the snow melts on the high peaks around the villages of Spiti, the hard working people start their annual summer routine. The livestock is taken to th...
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