Articles and pictures from the daily life of Spiti people.

Tsering Lamho roasting Barley to prepare Tsampa in Kaza village of Spiti

Roasting Barley for Tsampa

Tsering Lamho, roasting barley at her home in Kaza, Spiti to prepare ‘Tsampa’ for the winters. It is prepared by grinding roasted Barley. The people of Spiti us...
A Lady washing clothes after work in an irrigation canal that passes through Kaza village in Spiti

Washing Clothes in an irrigation canal.

A lady washing clothes in the freezing cold water of an irrigation canal, that passes through Kaza village. The water pipes have frozen and people have to wash ...
Relatives of the bride preparing momos for the guests of a Spiti Wedding.

Preparing a feast before a Spiti Wedding

Relatives of the Bride family from Mane Yongma and Dhankar helping in the preparation of Momo’s for the guests at Sichling. Large quantities of food is prepa...
During the lunch break some people of Langza village rest whiles some work to finish their job of constructing a road to the statue in their village .

Constructing a road in Langza village

Residents of Langza village of Spiti constructing a road to the statue of Buddha in their village. People get daily wages for a fixed set of days in a year. Ev...

Buying Kerosine for winters

People of Spiti waiting in line to collect Kerosine for the harsh winters ahead. Each ration card holder gets 20lt of Kerosine through the ‘Targeted Public Dist...
Dawa Yangchan, age 55 and her grand daughter Punam washing clothes in the stream between Old and New Kaza. After the indoor pipelines freeze in the winters, the locals of Spiti use the public pipelines for washing clothes and drinking.

Washing clothes in early winters of Spiti

Dawa Yangchan, at an age of 55, washing clothes with her grand daughter Punam near the opening of a pipeline of fresh water in Kaza. The temperature goes down t...
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