So it was my first month of living in Spiti and my beard trimmer wasn’t working well enough to chop through my hair, as our in-house barber, Tsering Bodh, who owns the oldest hotel of Spiti and runs two more, tried to glide it through my scalp. It was mid November and the only two barbers of Spiti had already left and I learnt yet another lesson for living in Spiti; You have to do everything yourself.

Self Portrait of bald Himanshu Khagta in Spiti

Self Portrait of bald Himanshu Khagta in Spiti


Keeping hair on your head isn’t practical enough for the harsh winter of Spiti. A thick woollen hat causes dandruff and cleaning requires more water. So not only are you setting yourself free from all the trouble of having it in between your head and the hat, you are also saving the environment. Pretty neat. Isn’t it?

Self Portrait of Himanshu Khagta in Tashi Gang, Spiti

You don’t really need hair with a hat like this.

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