December 2014

Month: December 2014

Tsering Lamho roasting Barley to prepare Tsampa in Kaza village of Spiti

Roasting Barley for Tsampa

Tsering Lamho, roasting barley at her home in Kaza, Spiti to prepare ‘Tsampa’ for the winters. It is prepared by grinding roasted Barley. The people of Spiti us...
A zomo walking though snow in Kaza village of Spiti

10 Pictures – December Snow in Kaza

Merry Christmas everyone! Greetings from Spiti! The temperature in Spiti is already touching -19˚C and it has snowed twice in the month of December. Even in...
A Lady washing clothes after work in an irrigation canal that passes through Kaza village in Spiti

Washing Clothes in an irrigation canal.

A lady washing clothes in the freezing cold water of an irrigation canal, that passes through Kaza village. The water pipes have frozen and people have to wash ...
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