November 2014

Month: November 2014

Buying Kerosine for winters

People of Spiti waiting in line to collect Kerosine for the harsh winters ahead. Each ration card holder gets 20lt of Kerosine through the ‘Targeted Public Dist...
Dawa Yangchan, age 55 and her grand daughter Punam washing clothes in the stream between Old and New Kaza. After the indoor pipelines freeze in the winters, the locals of Spiti use the public pipelines for washing clothes and drinking.

Washing clothes in early winters of Spiti

Dawa Yangchan, at an age of 55, washing clothes with her grand daughter Punam near the opening of a pipeline of fresh water in Kaza. The temperature goes down t...

The Ancient Dance of Khaar in Spiti

Before the wedding in Sichling village of Spiti, relatives of the bride practice the ancient dance of Khaar. Each move of this intricate dance has a significanc...
Wet puppies sitting in Kaza market in Spiti.

Cold and wet puppies of Kaza

Puppies line up outside Sanju Sweet shop in Kaza market, waiting for some generous fellow to give them something to eat. The growing population of dogs in Kaza ...
Mountains above Rangrik covered in a fresh layer of early snowfall in the month of Novmeber.

Rangrik village in November snow

Spiti valley experienced an early snowfall this year in the month of November and I was lucky enough to experience it. It snowed for around an hour and melted q...
Workspace of Himanshu Khagta at Sakya Abode, Kaza, Spiti

Updating live from Spiti this winter

I am really happy to announce that this website will be updated from Spiti valley starting today. My month long preparation has come to an end and I have reache...
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