July 2014

Month: July 2014

Village Kakti in Spiti Valley under the blanket of stars. © Himanshu Khagta / www.khagta.com

Kakti – The single home hamlet

Reaching the destination after a long hike with a heavy backpack through a super dangerous route is an amazing feeling, but reaching a place like Kakti is n...
Every sunday, people of Mane Yongma village gather in the village temple to chant a Buddhist Manta for few hours. © Himanshu Khagta

Sunday evening prayer for a temple

People of Mane Yongma village wants to construct a temple in the village. The monk told them to gather once a week and chant this buddhist mantra for few hours ...
Monks of Dhankar monastery going for the Cham dance in Mane Yongma village. © Himanshu Khagta

Monks going for the Cham dance

After every four years, villagers from Mane Yongma and Mane Gongma invite the monks from Dhankar monastery to perform a special prayer for them. They choose a h...
Horses grazing at Gete village in Spiti Valley. © Himanshu Khagta

Horse grazing at Gete Village

Horses grazing at Gete village in Spiti Valley. There are two ways to reach Gete. Either you can walk, cycle or drive from the motor able road from Kibber village, or you can walk up the cliff from Ki Monastery....
Picture of a Red Fox in Spiti Valley. © Himanshu Khagta

A Red Fox in Dhankar

The sight of a beautiful red fox when entering Spiti for the first time was extraordinary. Though I have never liked the idea of specially going to see a wild a...
Norbu and Tenzing pulling their donkey up to the unpaved road to ride it back to their village, Tashi Gang. © Himanshu Khagta

Spiti kids play in an organic way

After driving for around an hour on the high altitude plateaus from Kibbar, the road bifurcated right next to an ugly concrete structure that was constructed af...
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